Rubbing me wrong.

I will be the first to admit I’ve had a few lovers. And I might hesitate and may even avoid the question of how many. I actually think it’s a rude question. I mean who gives a flying fuck about a potential or current lovers sexual partner history? Aside from the usual are you clean or a virgin shit. Anyway I couldn’t even estimate an answer if I wanted to, so don’t insult me by asking.

Anyway to the point, I’ve had chicks who have gotten overly excited and rubbed the shit out of my clit and chicks who focus on penetration. I’ve had dudes suck so hard I thought my clit was going to burst and dudes that have barley licked at all…choosing to pretty much fuck me with their chins. Not everyone naturally knows how to get their partners off proper if your know what I mean. I personally with male and female partners use a combination of sucking, licking and of course some hand action. I am not trying to say I am the best, but I’ve been told so. Haha anyway you have to remember the clit can become over sensitive and the rubbing has to stop. As well as the penis, I am guessing. ..I don’t have one….that is flesh anyway. Lol

Oh and I don’t want my pants or panties shoved inside me, so if ya want to play play but move the cloths out the way! Lol


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