Bisexual or lesbian?

So I’ve had crushes on girl’s and boy’s since I was to young to remember which crush was first. Kevin or Christina. They were both around the same time period in my life. 1st through 3rd grade. I also remember making out with this girl, Tera, in like 1st grade and this other boy I grew up around, Brandon, around the same time. Come to think about it I was really sexual at a very young age. Touching and dry humping both genders.

So I guess my point would be that I know I am bisexual. So when an ex-lover asked me question along the lines of questioning my not being serious about women as much as I was about men, it pissed me off. So naturally I would feel the same when a comment was made about my lying to myself about just being a lesbian by my current partner.

I know that since I’ve finally “come out” I can’t really entertain the idea of not being with women anymore. I’ve even started to have wet dreams about them. * the quotations are because I feel like I’ve never hide it, yet didn’t date women long enough for it to be relevant to tell everyone. Except the chick I dated in high school. And that didn’t last long.
So I thought everyone knew…..which is funny because it wasn’t like I told them. I just assumed they all knew or my mom told them about the time she saw my double female plus sign earrings and asked me if I was gay. I panicked by the way and said no. Kinda of thought she wouldn’t know what they meant. How naive I thought she was, and so I was. Lol anyway I figured the gossip had gotten around and it wouldn’t surprise anyone. Boy was I wrong. Luckily most took my openly dating women just fine. But that’s another story.



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