Bite me.


Now I just have to say I’ve loved being bit since my junior year of high school. Let me clarify,  bite my neck or my tits…and depending on the day, I want it hard, please leave a mark. And the pain will continually remind me of our amazing foreplay.


All started when I was dating this guy in a group of other guys who played a vampire role playing  game. Lol sounds funny thinking about it some 19-20 years later. But anyway it was right around the time interview with a vampire came out and I liked it so much I read Anne Rice’s series. Love Anne Rice by the way. But I digress;  he had those special fitted eye teeth caps that made his fangs look so inticing. I begged him to leave fangs marks in my tit, he did try a few times…although they would pop off and he would get frustrated.  Plus I don’t think he was into it, at all. He broke up with me not long after that.


20 years later, I finally got myself a lover who will bite, and hard I might add. I don’t have to ask him and it always has me wavering better will he tear my flesh off and the pulse of euphoria that rushes through my body. I can’t even tell you how weird it is to associate pain with erotic feelings and pleasure.

I read Anne Rice’s sleeping beauty trilogy she wrote under her writing name A.N. Roquelaure, granted I haven’t finished the last ….yet. I have to be honest at first I wasn’t sure I could handle the intense bondage in the books. Felt like I was reading about rape. But something change as I read on through them. Beauty and the other characters wanted it and in turn made me want it with them. I look forward to every encounter they have. Anyway reading Anne’s writing in any of her many series ….man alive can she make you wet within just a few paragraphs.  Granted there have been a few things that have pushed me to the edge of this is weird and borderline not ok. But lets keep this about the naughty stuff I do like shall we? Haha

I’ve never explored the over the top sex stuff….but I think about it. Not sure what I could do. I remember in collage I played around with dressing up in cosplay lingerie. Got myself a maide uniform once. Bought some real handcuffs off a security guard at the college and also bought a leather getup that came with a whip. Handcuffed my ex to the bed and after tickling him with the feathers duster the maid costume came with for quit awhile actually, I blindfolded him and then pulled the costume out and with that the whip. Problem I found was my ex partner at the time went limp as soon as i removed the blindfold. He wasn’t sure how I’d use that whip. And I got the message loud and clear he wasn’t wanting to be whipped. That’s about as crazy I’ve gotten.  I’ve had plenty of talks and had some people tell me some crazy things they wanted to do, but haven’t either had the chance or desire I guess. But I am thinking I might want to explore a little more.

Anyway just sayin’ bite me baby, I love it.


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