Cheating hurts more than one.

So today worked with some friends I haven’t gotten to work with in awhile. So I was caught up on all the gossip I hadn’t been around in awhile.

So back story is; there is a chica who was asking me questions about being bisexual because she was curious. Well she had become close friends with another co-worker who has an established lesbian family with kids. I didn’t think they had feelings for each other and I was kind of interested in said curious chica. But when 4 of us co-workers went out for drinks after work one day; these two ended up kissing in the bathroom. So I kept my mouth shut. Not my drama or my life.
Well today I heard things went further and people got hurt.

So I have a couple concerns about all of this; First kids are involved. How are you setting a good example by cheating? And what happens when you end up splitting up the family? Second
how do you have this mess be an answer to someone’s curiosity? Third how do you let your partner confront the mistress and pretend like she is the one who pursued you like a crazy chica? Tell the truth like the grown ass woman you are.

Just saying. ..


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