Anger and it’s search for fuel.

How do you just get over it already? I can start my day out great, be happy from the moment I wake up to when my head hits the pillow again. But there are days where something as small as someone adding eggs to the biscuits and gravy I just made for them, that can send me into a tail spin of anger. One tiny thing after another, and I am looking for them. As a fire looks for oxygen to burn, I am looking for more fuel for my anger.
Let me stop to say, I am aware that this is madness. I am some how choosing to ruin my own day and everyone’s around me. But way? I hate feeling like this all day. I feel guilty when it is over. Yet it’s almost uncontrollable.
So my question is how do I make myself aware of it and turn my mind from it? I know, I have my dbt and should be using it. I am sure there is one about turning the mind…. I just don’t remember it while I am in the middle of the day I am ruining.


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