Be you and be happy.

Why should I care about what you think about my life, my choices, or my Facebook post when you cute me out of your life anyway. If I can’t be apart of your life, why should I mold my life to please you. If your not going to call me, text me or respond to my reaching out to you, why should I worry about you being embarrassed by my post. Why should I keep inviting you to go on family outings when you don’t even respect me enough to answer my text? Tell me when exactly did you decide I wasn’t worth a damn?

I can only hope that one day you will see the other side, as I have. See that pleasing one person by abandoning everyone else is a very lonely place, when that person abandons you. You can never please the unpleaseable, it’s a way of controlling you.

Truly I just want you to be you and be happy. I know once I stopped trying to please I became much happier in life.


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