I miss you while your gone.

I miss you hands. Your torch is fading from my memory and its only been 4 days. The feeling of your hand running along my back and down over my hips….
I miss your face. I’ve studied your face, I can almost draws every detail from memory now.
I miss your bald head. I love it when your hair has grown out and I can rub my hand on your head and feel the fine hairs tickling my hand.
I miss your voice. I enjoy our conversations, the ability to freely be ourselves with each other is such a breath of fresh air.
I miss your lips. Although you tell me things I don’t want to know about myself, I couldn’t accept them from another.  And I won’t even try to beginning telling of how the sensation of your lips pressed against me anywhere sends me into euphoria.
I miss your nipples. I like to play with your rings and twist ever so gently on your right most sensitive nipple.
I miss your feet. I love that I can barley touch them and you give me this look as though you’d kill anyone else if they tried to do what I am about to. 
I love who you are. A drummer with so much passion. A man with so much conviction. A farther who spends quality time with his kids. An amazing friend, who will always put his friends first. A strong independent man, who wants to be liked for who he is.
I miss your eyes. I want to climb in. I don’t care how dark and scary it is I don’t want my love to be alone in there anymore. I see you.
I miss your smell. It may seem silly but I fall asleep smelling your pillow. Before I leave I will smell one of your shirts. I wear your hoodie tell it no longer smells like you.
I miss your music. I listen to your CDs in my car. I want to impress you on how much I’ve learned them….I haven’t hardly at all though.
I miss your PS3. I’ve got me hooked on boardlands. I want to be playing all the time.
I miss your soft warm skin. I am impatiently waiting for your warm body to be lying here next to me.



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