permissions to play hooky.

My therapist told me to call in today. That I needed to take a mental health day. God I probably should have. But I would have laid in bed and cried all day. My back would have hurt more. I would have used a paid day off. Better I be here where I am distracted.

We’re on a long mountain drive today. I am with a friend and our clients. (I work with developmentally disabled adults) We’ve had some good conversation. I appreciate good friend during hard times like this. I use to not have anyone. And over the last couple days I’ve had quit a few friends make it known they were here for me if I needed them.

I plan on keeping myself busy tattooing all my people that need touch ups or th he work I started finished this weekend. Plus I have previously made plans with the chica I’ve been dating for Sat night. I did tell her about my polly boyfriend breaking up with me. But how much of that and all the other bullshit in my life do I want to share this soon?

I have talked with him, he wants me so badly to say that I can just be monogamous with him. I can’t do that yet. I am not ready. I am not sure what kind of relationship is right for me yet. Polyamourous, open relationship, or just non committing Fwb, or at some point monogamous with whomever. I still need time to explore what I want, I think it’s to soon to limit myself. God knows I love him. I don’t want to lose him or hurt him. He says no matter my decision he will still be in my life. But for how long? And at anytime can I say ok I am ready to just me yours? Please ve patient with me.


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