Distress tolerance

Explore Pros & Cons: Pros of having crisis & Cons of not having crisis. Cons of having crisis & Pros of not having crisis.

Self Soothe: Self-soothe with all five of my senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

Observe Breathing: Take a couple moments to pay attention to my breathing. Deep breathing will have a calming effect by providing more oxygen to my mind and body.

Willingness: Practice willingness to accept reality, a bad day, things not going my way, or that I can’t control other and the world around me.

OBJECTIVES: Use this acronym to deal with difficulty. One thing at a time, Be effective, avoid Judgments, cope with Emotions, consider Consequences, take Time, use Introspection, act consistently with Values, focus on desired Endings, & balance Short-term & long-term goals.

SPECIFIC PATHS: What is my Supreme concern? Practice my skills, focus my Energy & Concentration, I can be effective, have Faith, consider what is Important, have Courage & Patience, pay Attention, complete Task, be Humble, & have Sensitivity.

ACCEPTS: Distract myself with Activities, Choices, Contributions, Emotions, Pushing Away, Thoughts, & Sensations.

IMPROVE: Distract myself with Imagery of a beautiful or safe place, Meaning in my life, Prayer, Relaxation, One thing at a time, Vacation from the demands of life, & Encouragement to be effective.

Turning the Mind: I am in the driver’s seat; I can drive down an effective road of thinking, feeling & behaving, while avoiding driving down ineffective roads of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Self Soothe Kit: Create a kit that is self-soothing and use it when needed.

Crisis Survival Network: Create a list people who support me & use it when needed.

Keep It In Perspective: Because of everything I have been through, I am able to effectively deal with my life and what is happening to me.

Half-Smile: Find something in my day or life that I can have a genuine half smile about.

Radical Acceptance: 


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