Memories in the third person.

Is it totally weird that some of my memories are like a movie to me…small clips of me and others living our life. But I don’t see it in the first person, its me watching me and whom ever from a different angle.

How does this even happen? Am I really me?

I have always had weird thoughts like people watched me and video taping since like 4 grade, kind of like the Truman show.

Anyway am I alone in this, does anyone relate?


8 thoughts on “Memories in the third person.

  1. I can definitely relate. I looked it up at one point and there’s different names for first and third person memories. ..I think third person memories are more likely to relate to distressing events….If I find the links again I will let you know. I think it may have been Wikipedia, once I’d Googled the right terminology!


  2. This happens to me about one if my preditors. And because of seeing the memory 3rd person some don’t recall it as a memory but maybe a dream they don’t like to have. It was very hard for me to except the memory being like that cause I only remember some of it so I don’t know exactly what happened to me that time.


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