Observe: Just notice. Become aware of things in this one moment.

Describe: I will describe my experiences in concrete, specific terms that are non-judgmental.

Participate: Engage fully and completely in each activity.

Mindful Eating: Focus on eating and chew each bite fully. Notice the complexity of the food, sensation of fullness and satiation.

Square Breathing: Breathe in while counting to four. Hold it for four seconds. Then exhale while counting to four. Repeat four times.

One- mindfully: I will do one thing at a time. I will avoid taking on too much or being overwhelmed by a lot of things happening at once.

Body Scan: Go inside myself. Notice all sensations discomfort, feeling at ease & any neutral sensation. Then become aware of all 5 of my senses. Lastly, notice what is going on around me.

Moment to pause: Take a quick moment to check in with myself on the inside, outside & in my interactions.

ONE MIND :One thing at a time, be in the Now, & grounded in the Environment.
Stay in the Moment, Increase my awareness of my 5 senses, be Nonjudgmental, & Describe things going on around me.

Turtling: Take care of myself like a turtle. Retreat inside for safety sometimes, go slow and methodical, protect myself but don’t be aggressive, be adaptive in a variety of situations, use my hard outer shell to let other’s  judgements roll off my back and get myself back in balance persistently.

Wise Mind: Balancing thought & feelings to be skillful as I can be.

Effectively: Be as effective as I can in my life.

Non-Judgmental: Suspend evaluations about myself and others.


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