Polly once more?

After a week of contemplation he decided he loves me too much to walk away.  It took a long drawn out text conversation for us to come to terms with where we both stood on our relationship status. He stopped seeing the other girl but told me I could do whatever I needed to. I told him I have had a hard time with figuring out how to move forward.  I am not ready to close the door on dating women,  and not sure I want to be non monogamous for ever either. So he’d have to let me come to that decision on my own, but I was working on it with my therapist.

I am not sure if I just want to be in an open relationship with him and date ladies on the side, or continue the polly thing where I am actually looking for another partner.  All I know is I love him and don’t want to hurt him or loose him. Seems I am going to end up doing one or the other right now.


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