Wiping the slate clean.

There once was a time in my life where I found it easier to break up and move on. In my mind it was wipe the slate clean.  Once a relationship is over your absolved from all wrong doing.  I was very strong and independent back then. And a true bitch at that. I was high and mighty. I had a women who went to college, had a white collar job for 5+ years and bought my own house raised my oldest son for 10 years on my own. I took no shit from anyone.  Relationship wise at least. 

Anyway my point is I lived by the song (If it dont come easy,  ya got to let it go.) By Tanya Tucker.   I loved that song as a kid. So when things got rough I would throw in the towel.  Well I am older now and realise that relationships are something you work on. You build strong bonds by making it through the tough times. You don’t give up on each other. Creating trust in one another.

This time I am not throwing in the towel. This time I refuse to walk away so easily.  When you have these intense feelings for someone,  you know you have something worth fighting for. I am willing to give up being with women, I am willing to not see anyone else for this man. For months I had partners come and go because I refused to be monogamous.  But for this man, I will fight for what I know is worth more to me than my polly dreams.  Now if only I knew if I was to late in coming to this discussion.



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