Changing to be a better person…

So I’ve been made aware of things about myself, repeatedly, that prove I am noy the greatest person. I interprete impulsively and can’t seem to control it. I can now recognize when I’ve done it as I didn’t consciously notice before very often. But yet can’t seem to notice before hand. I guess I just get excited and feel like a conversation is going well and to keep the ball jumping back and forth that’s what you do. But I guess I have been doing it wrong.  Just taking over the conversation is what usually happens,  I don’t mean to. It just seems to happen. 😦
So apparently regardless of knowing the people I was openly dating before wanted more, I was being selfish by continuing to see them. I felt like being upfront with them about seeing others made it ok. But in hindsight I was only hurting them by continuing to see them giving them false hopes. I’ve always thought I was a good person who tried my best to do what’s right but apparently I am just as shitty of a person as the next guy.
Holding people to higher standards than what I hold myself to. I feel pretty crappie right now.


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