Not a mind reader. ..

I am not a mind reader.  Your not a mind reader.  Yet we’ve all learned how to interpret how people feel without them speaking at all. Granted this is only a small window.  We don’t know exactly what they are thinking or feeling in that moment.  Let alone if it is even the topics that is being verbally discussed. We all go somewhere in our heads occasionally while someone is rambling on about something, it triggers another thought.  And maybe your stuck in this rabbit hole and you’ve lost sight of the audible topic at hand long ago, and suddenly emotions wash over you about something the person in front of you has nothing to do with. Yet now they think it does have something to do with them or the topic at hand.  Point being most of the time we can tell if someone is present in the conversation or not. And even if they feel a certain way about what is being said.  I think when you know someone well enough you can probably guess what they want or need as well.


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