Wow the speaks my heart so well.

Rants Of A Virgo

When you have bipolar disorder, love can take become an inferno that eventually engulfs its victims. Each party is left with scars and memories. Some love stories are not happily ever after. They are the short stories that remind us what we are capable of. I do not want labels. I do not define my life in absolutes. I want one perfect kiss in time, to reach for in the farthest corners of my mind when I need a kiss oh so badly, but there is no one there. I want a kiss that can sustain the moments in between. I want to be caressed, I want the side of my cheek stroked, I want my hair played with. I want to rest my head in your lap as I fall asleep. I want you to cover me with a blanket when I do.When you hold my hand, I want…

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