When super bitch comes in, she does it swiftly. Spitting venom that can only kill me. Eating away at my psyche.  Soon physical pain will follow starting around my heart. Then a pulling in my eye balls begins, rapidly gaining speed and strength until the warm fluid spills out and down my cheeks. The tears stinging my checks until they burn. As the wet warmth runs down my neck it cools and gathers in my cleavage.

Her venom is spewed until something breaks the pattern. Some kind of interruption. Then it’s as if a reset but was pushed. only the problem wasn’t resolved and the breaker will keep tripping.  This ride will go on and on and on. The only resolve is to get out of her way. Let her ride, by herself. No one to spew venom at if she is a lone rider. I have lost the strength or will power to fight for my body back. The highs and lows are to much for this little girl. I am no threal seeker, I alway just wanted stability. Yeah know the traditional family. But that all went away, because I let my kid talk me into moving out. With him went my desire to be normal. Oh it took a few year but I couldn’t control her forever. She was either going to kill me or break free. Now look at us. I can’t quinch her thirst. No one can. I can’t bare the pain she inevitably causes for me anymore. I will wither away deep inside here. I will harden, and no one will remember I ever existed.  After all she is right, everyone leaves. I guess its my turn to leave as well.


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