I am a meat eater…

I watched a documentary on the industry of meat and its impact on the ecosystem.  I’ve been ignoring the bits and pieces I’ve heard here and there about the inhuman way animals are raised and butchered. I’ve ignored the information about the ecosystem and the impact cow’s have on it. I never processed the fact that what we feed the animals could feed all the starving. And the amount of water it takes to keep all this going.  And I have never been exposed to the fact that this was a taboo topic most can’t even talk about due to the money makers quieting the people who actually know and care. So where does this all leave me? 

I’ll tell you that for what ever reason, I ended up grocery shopping today.  Every step in that store turned my stomach.  I tried to keep to non meat and non dairy items with the intent to not partake in more than I had to. But I left the store with more meat than I normally buy. I am guessing because I kept telling myself no more, I am so terrible with self-discipline. I wanted to cry as I walked to my car. I failed.  Old habits die hard.  I was raised a carnivore. My dad hunted and fished. I love these things yet I am torn.

How can I make the changes needed in order to do my part? I guess I will just make slow steps towards big changes. Finding things that taste as good and are as healthy if not better for you to replace some meals…crossing my fingers. 


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