Crazy weekend.

I had very little time to myself this weekend.  Starting from like tue night I had an old friend from Jr high hangout for 2 nights, then my cousin on Thursday night and the fri and sat my old roommate dragged me out to drink 2 nights in a row. Sunday night was hangout with my new roommate and his friends at the apartment.

Anyway I have been completely premenstrual. ..which means horny as fuck. So Saturday night when I got home, I was completely drunk and once my old roommate left I text crazy girl. Omg, so glad she didn’t come over but I seriously for the first time in a long while…masturbated with a serious vengeance.
  Fast forward to today. (Tue) My muscles are still sore as fuck. And I don’t exactly remember finishing.  My arms, shoulders and thighs are aching. And both of my feet have bruises on top of them. Lmao don’t ask me how. Like I said I don’t remember much of it all. Hope I had a good time. I don’t seem to have  the urge anymore. 

I am lonely and would love to add someone to my life but I don’t have the energy to put into getting to know anyone and I honestly don’t trust anyone anyway.

Guess these muscles are gonna get bigger. Lmao


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