Eye openers all around us.

So I am a fan of the inside man, Morgan Spurlock. I am watching the new season on Netflix.  And have been enlightened on many topics. Today’s. ..our garbage.

I’ve always looked at humans ad being so very wasteful. Throwing things out that someone else could use. Through the rest of their food away that they overloaded their plates with. The left overs we leave in the fridge to long. The games that are missing pieces because there buried in the bottom of a junk drawer somewhere.

When I lived in Oregon and they passed the law about not giving out plastic grocery bags, I wasn’t happy.  I use those for trash bags. And I used to use them to cover plates of food to be reheated later. Among other misc things. Now I am rethinking the use of my reusable bags that are gathering dust in a corner.

And again with the meat….Omg I can’t avoid the videos that keep coming up on my news feed.  I feel this incredible guilt that I have to at least make small changes. If not for myself buy my kid. How will he learn to make the changes and see them as normal if I don’t start now?

Them more I am educated on these topics the more I see myself become the hippie lesbian who I thought was a stereo type. Whatever. ..doesn’t seem like a bad role to follow. I mean it’s future focused right? And what could the harm be,  when trying to make a miniscule difference in the world with my day to day discussions?


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