On the edge….

On the edge of a mental breakdown and personal growth.
I’ve awaken with new direction. A new perspective on the path before me. I know, rather I’ve known, what was needed and needed to be done. Yet my follow through is as about as good as a paraplegics plan on climbing a flight of stairs. I have motive, I can see the end results but I lack the drive to do whats required. Just get up and do it, per se.

I’ve always been able to make list of what to do. Write down my goals and speak them aloud. But I let myself and everyone down time after time. With excuses. Whether legitimate or bullshit, depending on the time of said needed excuse. I am over the embarrassment I cause myself.

I want to see change in my life. So I am making changes. …keep doing what you’ve always done, keep getting the results you’ve always gotten. Wish me luck….in my follow through.



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