Light as a feather.

After a long busy day……moving someone.  I got a call that lifted so much agony off my shoulders.

My boss man, not my mentor, called me. He called to tell me that my mentor and all the other shop artist had come to him with genuine concern for me. 

That they want to encourage me and let me know that they are there for me. And that everyone had been through this struggle. That they like me, me! They like me. Here I am obsessed with wanting them to like me and thinking they hated me and were avoiding me.
And the very thought turned me into an emotional mess. Which in turn made them avoid me.  I was the created of this perpetual cycle.  My head, emo girl, was marching the train of madness into my head.

So now I feel as though I’ve been validated. Confirmed approval and accepted into this family, per se. They care about me. ME I don’t feel like anyone group of peers have ever made me feel so accepted and undersood. I feel like I found home. Not in one partner but a group of friends.
I feel rejuvenated. Hopefully I can keep emo girl in check.


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