What is this life?

I once told my ex husband he was that common denominator that made everyone his enemie. That everyone else couldn’t all be wrong and he be right.

I am in a lonely place in life and surprisingly I am ok with it. I have my boys and for once am completely happy choosing them to hangout with instead of someone to sleep with.

I don’t want to talk to my parents, they have with held information I think they have no right to have with held…they chose an alliance.

This month marks two years I haven’t spoken with my brother. His wife is a childish cunt. And my brother wouldn’t/won’t tell her to show respect for our mother.

I look for partners on dating apps but refuse to take conversation very far because I hyper focus on flaws and decide everyone has red flags and can’t be trusted with my heart.

I am still finding myself. I have no idea where I left her, but I know she has been  there a long time.


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