Just when the guard comes down…

So I’ve been spending time with my oldest for  the last few months. Enjoying getting to know him again. Since he pulled away for so long.
Anyway he got himself into some trouble with the law and to be honest I am hoping this helps him get his life on track, he thinks it will, so there is hope. Well, he had a court date for sentencing.  I planned to be there as I was told he’d probably go in for a year.
Well when I made it clear I’d be there, he begged me don’t to say anything or do anything that would embarrass him or upset the judge.  I told him it was ridiculous that he even thought to ask me that as I wouldn’t say anything at all in court.
A couple days later he told me the date was changed to the next week. And told me the place and time. But on the original date my mom called to tell me he had gotten his sentence.
Betrayed again, wither it be him, the evil witch he calls nana or some miss understanding due to them allowing the message to be passed through my mother who can’t tell anything straight instead if calling me first had, I don’t care.
I trust no one for a reason.  I am so much happier keeping people at a distance than allowing them space anywhere close to my soft spot.

Screw you world.


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