I found this precious flower in my hand held up high. Away from harms way. I want to protect it from anything that might destroy it’s beauty.  Destroy it before it completely blooms and show it’s wonderful colors. This precious flower has a name, peace. I can’t remember very many times in my life I’ve seen it, so I know it’s valuable and fragile. I want nothing more than to hold it close to me as long as I can. I watch closely over it for any signs of possible danger that couldn’t destroy it’s vitality. Bees come and go but I couldn’t trust them with the pollen. There may not be enough for tomorrow. Birds come poking interest but this nectar is better left so the flower will stay complete.   All the flowers that have grown before this one, have been ruined by the traffic that forgot there was a different path to take. Or smothered by hands that wanted to take them away. Plucked of all there petals in a game of loves me not. No this one, this precious flower has to be protected. Harvesters can’t be trusted.



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