The world is quite..

Like there is no one around. But I feel you beside me. I know the secrets you keep locked away inside.  I don’t understand why your fighting, she must be special this new girl by your side. I seek more answers, when I look into your eyes. And it hurts like hell but I will be strong. For once in your life be a man, just tell me the words, cause I know that you can. Don’t leave me with scares that no one can heal.
You made me love you, right from the start. You’re controlling  my heart babe. Don’t leave me now, give me time to say goodbye. Just don’t leave me wounded.  I just  hope you’ll regret the things you do. Come back to me, because our love is the real thing. I know that I fought to keep our love strong. You’ll come running back for more. When everything stops for a min, you’ll relies.


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