Let us not slip in, again.

She cries for the broken down mutt. The one at the shelter. All the little girls want him. The story never changes. They all want to take him home and clean him up.  Show him their love and maybe he will soften up and be a nice doggie.

And so the story goes that they do for a moment, but he never softens, he always bites and never can stay nice for long. So girls learn and walk away but some hold on to hope. Some don’t see that it’s a hopeless battle. 

Her mind races once more on how she could change it all. But she is a child with unattainable dreams. And she won’t get another chance because it won’t be allowed. To many to go through to get it approved and there is no room for failure again.  But she is like a fucking child. Begging constantly. If only she hadn’t been told that the mutt was available again. Maybe then she could let go.

Can she not remember?  Remember all the hurt and pain caused. Why is it up to me to stop her from falling.  How do I enforce our stance on this not happening again. I contemplate a ban on any communication but know I am up against many on that one. Why am I the only one that is willing to protect this child from all the mean dogs out there? Why must I be the Super Bitch that I am? It’s tiring you know? Always having to chase the dogs away give them the walking papers.  It’s not like I don’t want to cuddle too. Believe me I would love to hold a pup. Cuddle all night. Soften my heart for a moment and let love in. But we all know how that plays out and I will not allow my gaurd to drop again.  Fuck fml.


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