What’s next…

There always seems to be a challenge. Our lives can’t possibly be perfect and everything will never line up to be utopia. What purpose would we find in our lives if it was always bliss. Would we appreciate what we did have if it was always easy. Is it really necessary for there to be a balance, a Ying and yang if you will.

If you imagine yourself as a leaf in a creek. Just floating, floating along with the current. Sometimes it will be a peaceful journey, sun shining and calm waters. Other times there will be tribulations, stormy weather and fast currents. But at some point the journey will end. And there will always be something to balance. Calm waters bring dangers as much as stormy weather has sun breaks. It’s all a matter of perspective right? How are we perceiving what is happening to us in the moment?

I feel like I am floating. I want something to happen. I want a new creek to veer off into. But I feel like I am stuck without a choice. Why can’t I just enjoy this peaceful journey. Enjoy the freedom, the sunshine, the solitude and the slow pace. Why must I feel a storm lurking? Why must I look for it and avoid what could just be clouds that will break. Will time make all this stop? At some point will I be able to just be at peace? Can I just enjoy the journey with out reading into what will become? I want to survive a storm to enjoy the best of the sun break that will always come in time.


5 thoughts on “What’s next…

  1. This is a beautifully written post, full of insight. I relate so much to this, it really speaks to me, echoing what goes on in my head 💖


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