My head is pounding. 

Seems everyday  I have a pounding headache.  My left shoulder has a kink in it and massage doesn’t help. My guess next stop is a chiropractor.  If that doesn’t work I will talk to the doc about my meds.  I know it is a side affect.  

I know I have a lot of friends.  I am surrounded by people most of the time.  That is how I perfer it but I seem to have am inability to really open my heart anymore.  I long for love but have seem to lost the ability to obtain it.  I am over flipping through endless pictures, face after face swiping left & right and only chatting for a day or so before losting intereste. Or more likely making an excuse why I don’t pursue an individual. 

Life has become mundane. Same routine, same people. I need something to spark fire.  Something to drive excitement back into my soul. It’s been so long since I’ve been touched.  Too long since I’ve know I was alive.  I want adventure. I want passion.  I want love again.  

Please stop hunting my heart. Release me of your spell. This distance, this dissolution, promises to end be the of me.


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