A spike in excitement

So my sexuality drive has been extremely low over the last year.  But I am feeling a shift in my interest. I’ve felt the burden of not being ready to trust anyone slowly subside and started messaging some ladies more on the dating apps.

Well after messaging a few ladies the last couple days,  I got a message from one that caught my attention. Not just with her beautiful eyes by her titillating bio. Her way with words penetrated deep and I got excited.  I found my old since confidence and pulled out all the stops while messaging her.  Felt so liberating.  

Energized by this renewed interest in finding someone I allowed myself to day dream about how things could be if I had a new love interest.  I couldn’t help but play out in my mind how we would spend our time together. I gave myself a pep talk about not going all in and to prioritize my time and not make a relationship my everything but an addition to a great life. 

I also fantasies about touching her soft skin. Kissing her lips. How her hair would smell and feel in my hands. I wondered if she preferred tender touches or rough sex. She does look like a classy lady.  Still I see myself pushing the envelope to find out how kinky she would allow me to be with her. 

How exactly to you go about elevating the kink level with a classy lady. I would liken asking if I can spank her to awkward questions of STD’S right before getting your freak on. When is it appropriate to say hey are ya into spankings or maybe an aggressive bite would you dig that?  Surely I have no experience choking anyone during sex but would she be willing to do it to me? And for the ever relentless fantasy, I still want a swing. Awe the things I could do with one of those. Now I like the idea of cuffs but when it gets down to it I am not sure I fully enjoy them. I want to touch and to be touched. Even if she let me get a little freaky, I’d want her to feel safe. 

Awe now I am dreaming,  wishful fantasy that soon this dry spell & time of growth is soon coming to an end. 


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