It goes without saying …

I am ready. I think about it all the time. I feel like I should be preparing somehow. You know you got to be fit to have great sex. Like indurance is a must.

I can’t be bringing a chick home and get her all warmed up and then whip out A.J. go 3 min and be like, switch. haha 

GOD I  can’t wait to just be sensual with her. (Whoever she is, shit I be getting desperate, yo.)  I want to cup my hand gently behind her neck. Lean in, taking in her sweet aroma. Tenderly kissing her neck, nibbling her ear ever so softly .  Controlling my breathing, as so not to be huffing and puffing in her ear. I would want to passionately kiss her for so long she meltes in to my arms. 

I would be patient. I would want to take every moment in. Appreciate what stood before me. When I had worked my magic and softened all her inhibitions I would slowly start to move my hands to her ass. Cupping each round plump cheek  in my hands I’d squeeze them as I life her to sit on a table or counter. I would then move my hands slowly up her torso, pushing her top off over her head. All while slowly and gently kissing her. 

I fantasize she will be a bit feisty and try to take over the show, but I’ll push back. Unhooking her bra I push her back and kissing her soft stomach I would proceed to take her jeans off. 

I can smell her sweet aroma and I  know she is ripe and ready for me. But I don’t rush in, I take my time. I kiss her thighs. I tease with an occasional, coming  up for a kiss before I start, but only to go down to lightly run my fingers over her labia. Only slightly parting her lips and then moving my hands back to her tits.

I now I can’t keep teasing her and her body is surely ready as she is gyrating her hips almost as though she is looking for my hand, my mouth or maybe she wants A.J. 

So know I am ready. I would start slow. lick her softly. Parting her lips with my tongue .  Finding her clit and running my tongue around it. I would slowly introduced my hand occasionally but I would focus on my favorite special moves to get her loud and juicy. Then I would lap at her tell I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I would pull out A.J. undress myself, all while keeping her warmed up laying one a table. I would adorn myself with A.J. and slowly slide into her while standing between her legs.  (I am hoping this table would be the perfect height) 

I am sure that for a good portion of time I would be playing with her tits but I might choose to pinch her nipples occasionally or even attempt a sold neck bite. After a few min I would speed things up. In a standing position I’d either pull out a bullet set on high or use my thumb to stimulate her clite again. I wouldn’t stop tell she soaks me or begged me to.  

God… what I  wouldn’t give for some affection. I will be patient, soon enough I  will have a princess to shower with affection. 


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