Excitement, the breeze and nothing but love.

I image most have had sex outside but I  am sure there are people who have never tried. Maybe out of fear or compliance. 

I remember the first time. I was probably 15 and it was with a boy I had dated on and off since I  was 8. I remember we were on the side of my parents house. It was dark and the grass was wet. It was  quite exhilarating.

I remember the second time was in a park just off the trail. I remember it was a warm spring day. I giggled as I heard people walking by. probably around the age of 16.

I had a few other go rounds in this park and even pushed my luck as far as picking secluded spots. thankfully never being caught. 

As I’ve gotten older I have had some great adventures and exciting sex. I have given oral in movie theaters and racing down freeways. Sex in dressing rooms and sex on the beach. I have even fucked on the top of a clif in maui. 

Now we all know I am horny. Obviously  my blogs topic is simply what plagues my mind. From happy  and high to mental breaks and breakups.  So where does this leave us ?  

Fantasy. Maybe in my preparation for a reading myself to let down the walls and let someone in, I will get the  creative juices flowing. 

I know I want tits in my face and soft skin in my hands. I want her sweet smelling long hair to drive me crazy when it’s all over the place. 

I know love can be  an amazing drug. I am ready to get high again.  

Let’s prey I get a lady soon. 



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