Just get one out of they way…

So as I’ve mentioned ,  because it’s a big fucking deal, I  haven’t had sex in over a year. I tend to over share with my friend and if you all remember I recently had issues with feeling like  I was being to picky and over thinking things.  Anyway I had a friend tell me I just needed a booty call to clear out the cobwebs and focus better . I think I agree with her. 

So here begins the pursuit of a booty call to clear the  cobwebs .  😉 

I have a male friend trying seriously hard to come at me. I ain’t having it. I want me a lady. so I keep throwing seriously funny shit his direction, like I will if you let me get AJ out and take that ass. or Of you let me wear AJ and fuck your face. Cracks me up so much. I mind you tjis isn’t really something I  am into. 

Damn I am more tired than I thought .  guess I  will have to pick this up tomorrow sorry.  I’ve been baking all day with the kiddo after a morning full of erronds.   


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