Sorry for the hiatus.

I’ve been a bit busy the last couple days cleaning my house and redecorating all while decorating for Christmas as well. Not to mention moving my kiddo into his own room. So happy about this. De-cluttering is the goal as I move all his things into his room.

I went out on my birthday with a friend. She took me to Portland and we walked around town bouncing from one lgbt bar to the next. I had so much fun. even though I wasn’t ballsy enough to talk to anyone or even dance I found myself feeling at home. I was awe-striken. 

That weekend my friend’s in Salem took me too a swingers club, I didn’t make any moves there either.  But mostly because I didn’t find anyone that was truly titillating there at all. 

So to make my point I still haven’t been laid. Although I believe I have something cooking around the corner. 

About a month ago I answered a Craigslist add. I know. But hear me out I wasn’t finding anything on those dating apps and seemed everyone on there were so blase. Conversations would pick up and die out it was like a fucking Rollercoaster. I needed to meet someone who was just as ready as I was.  And I stumbled upon a girl I couldn’t resist! Here’s the kicker, I never saw a picture of her till later. (I still haven’t actually seen her in person.) 
Now we chatted via email for a few messages and then it died. Just like on all the adds! But suddenly out of no where I got a text, I’d given her my number but she hadn’t used it.  

We chatted via text for awhile then she called me to chat about a text. We talked for hours. And this was Dec 5. I can tell you I’ve barely slept. we talk till late at night .  Even when she had previous plans she calls after or sends texts when she is home.  I can tell ya i am “twitterpated” by her. The anticipation to see her in person, touch her lips. Awe my heart races with excitement. I feel so alive again. Wow,  I thought I’d died inside but she has breathed life into my soul.

Thank you Universe . 


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