I often fantasie…

The depths of a partners eyes can be mesmerizing.  Pulling you into a world where you are valuable yet feel safe. Long gazes filling your heart with warmth. A security you put trust into.

They can lure you in. From across a room. Pin pointing you as their target. Follow you so intently you physically feel them on you.They say what words can’t. They can signial to you there desires. They can give you away.They can plead with you. In a simple gaze you can be reveal. 

I love lips and when I see a good pair I want to kiss them. Maybe nibble a bit. But God do I miss kissing. The passion of holding one another in each others arms and sensually touching ones face. Slow passionate kissing that awakens your thirst for connection. 

If you look closely you’ll see every line in a beautiful pair of lips. Follow the top curve around there cupids bow. How they move when the speak. How the movement changes with mood and passion. Cries and pleads in passionate whispers. I love watching them talk. Watching their movements. But to kiss them. Soft kisses goodbye. Passionate kiss hello. 

I don’t mean to be an ass but aren’t titts just amazing?  Man I had an ex with a perfect pair. That’s about all I miss on her. Now, I know there is such a thing as to small and to big, so I Fantasie about the ones that are just right. Being a piercer I get a special sneak peek at all shapes and sizes. ♡ Love my job.

Alright so we can’t leave out an ass of the gods. I mean who doesn’t look at a perfect ass and get locked in? You’re eyes follow that ass till you can’t see it’s perfect shape anymore. Now this is where my head always takes it to a new level. I mean damn how do you not start fantasizing? 

So where does this all leave us, awe,  the fantasies. My fantasies very anywhere from one on one to orgies. From sensual and passionate to dominate and rough. I once fantasized about men but now there are none. I want nothing to do with them. 

So who doesn’t want to be the center of attention once in awhile.  Maybe get thrown around a bit. I mean it can’t be all sensual.  If you don’t change shit up it gets boring. So you add some flavor.  Bite, choke, spank, get rough. Be adventures. 

I gotta tell ya looking for all these pictures both turned me on and discussed me a bit. Cause ya know dudes popped up. Made me ill. But damn these chicks are having some fun. And we all know how my sex life has been going.  Lol

So yeah, I want to find someone.  But I want to find someone to be with. To love on and be loved. Someone who will want to have fun and be adventurous.  Love people as much as I do. And most of all be trust worthy. Won’t hurt me intentionally. And can fuck like a goddess. 


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