Pondering my audience…

I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now. Not just here but on another website.  It’s always been random.  Whatever consumes my mind. 

I often have internal dialogue as though I were going to blog what was on my mind. Working over words describing my emotions or thoughts on things. As though it’s a starting line for a whole blog. A lot of it never makes it here due to being busy or forgetful of the great idea to be blogged. 

But I thought I’d ask, since you are right here, what interests you? What brings you back here to my page? What topics hit home for you? Am I just entertainment or am I a drama to watch unfold, or perhaps advice or validation in your journey of BPD, maybe a relatable story on parenting or dating failes you can laugh at? Anyway give me some feedback or just keep reading. What ever floats your boat. 😉 Thanks for being there to listen nonetheless.  I appreciate it.



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