Quality time

Yesterday I didn’t really get much done. But I did get to spend quality time with my kiddo. Helping him and guiding him through cleaning and setting up his room for himself. 

At first I was just going to parent from the couch. My body hurt from standing all day,  the day before at work. (Fri the 13th special) I wanted nothing more than to do absolutely nothing. My friend actual helped me out so much, she ran to the grocery store for me and picked up some essentials I needed.

After a few hours I realized my kid wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything until I helped him learn how to break down the whole project into small task. So I moved into his room and proceeded to hang up shelves I got for him and give him small things to do in order to get the room done. Although the room isn’t currently complete, he is well on his way to having it just how he wants.

One thing that came up during our time together was how he felt about getting rid of stuff he doesn’t use. He kind of thinks his toys are alive. In a way they will be sad if he gets rid of them. I explained that they are not but even if they were,  would they not be sad to be ignored and wouldn’t they rather go to another kiddo who would play with him?

I told him to slowly go through the drawers and he would find things he has forgotten about. He will need 3 piles. 1 to donate to his friends that will enjoy them, 1 for a memory box and the last 1 for things he qould like to continue playing with. I informed him that he will come accross things that will bring memories back and some he won’t remember ever playing with. But we won’t keep everything because keeping everything will weight us down. We have to make room for all the new things we bring in. 

I also explained that by him doing it himself he would have a say in what stays and goes. If I do it for him I just might get rid of things he would want and keep things he doesn’t.  I also talked about chores and him being responsible about helping around the house. I told him how I break things down in small tasks so it doesn’t take a whole day away from my precious time. 

I am hopefully that the time I invested in teaching him yesterday helps him to get things done in the future and not to get overwhelmed by the work in front of him.

He seems to get super frustrated with himself when he doesn’t get things done. He gets easily distracted and has a difficult time staying on task. I tried to help and cue into when he gets distracted and learn to refocus in order to get things done. He is 10 and i have hope that he will get better at self discipline and getting projects done so he can do things he would perfer doing. 


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