You got into the shower with me.

I’ve been watching Grey’s anatomy and there have been a couple episodes where someone is having a complete break down and another character will climb in the shower with them to comfort them.

Flashes of you Climbing in with me.  I was broken and you were there. I know you are broken too. I know right now you need someone in the shower with you. And I have thought to reach out but thought it wasn’t appropriate.  

I started this blog and never posted it, then you reached out to me.

For a second I thought, not to reply. But I wanted to. I needed too. I want closer and I want you in my life. Believe it scares the hell out of me. I fear weakness and I fear the split, of which is always there,  just in quiter voices. 

Please,  when we do meet face to face again, tread lightly. And never try to initiate anything romantically.  I am more than willing to be your friend but I could never open myself up to that vulnerability again. I ask you this because I know you are stronger than me. I need you to hold the boundaries. 


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