Weekends with my boys.

The last few weekends I have spent time with my boys. Separately because the oldest still can’t see his brother. 😦 

Anyhow I helped my youngest by walking him through organizing his things.  Creating bags to give away and places to keep things he wants. I taught him to put all of 1 kind of thing together so he could find it. 

I also learned to pay attention to the words I use with him, as they become his internal dialogue.  I have been working hard on positive affirmations for him. He is a gteat kid with a soft heart. Unfortunately the world isn’t kind and he is becoming more and more angery and negative.

  He hates school and feels as though he has no friends.  I want to help him with this as much as I can. Although I am at a loss on how. I go to school with him typically once a week. Mostly trying to help keep him on task. 

I once had to take to him about what he called his laugh. It sounded more like the taunt we are familiar with, ha ha. I told him regardless of how you intend it, it comes across as rude and people do not like it.

 I hated bring it up because once my mom talked to me about my laugh when I was young. It made me insecure about it. She had only said I sounded as though I was forcing it. I wonder if she still feels like I do?

Anyway I also spent time with the oldest kiddo and his girlfriend.  We watched moves after he opened his Christmas presents  (I got the boys presents late) and then we went to sushi. 

It’s been kinda cool getting  to just relax at home and have quality time with them. I want to do so much more witb them but always feel like I need to have money. I actually think the quite time at home is more intimate. I see them and hear them without all the distraction. Expecially the youngest, he seems to really open up and share his thoughts more. I love it. 


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