The battle.

Not so long ago there was a battle of power and will within myself. I am quite sure if you’ve been with me long enough you know about it quite well. The struggle was really about codependency. 

I spent the last year reading books and testing my ability here and there amongst people in my life. I have strengthened my own sense of self. Found myself and stayed single. 

But when someone from my past comes back into my life I feel the whispers start again and wonder am I strong enough?  Have I changed enough,  learned enough and can I see clearly now?  I can’t deny I have fears and I know I have weak areas. 

Why must the battle be there at all? Why Can’t I trust? Why am I still questioning my strength.  Look at my scares, my battle wounds and you will know. I have come through it. But are my scares so thick that I can not be hurt again? 

I have a battle cry, ringing in my head. I call for you,  my sanity, the pieces of which will make me whole. But will may scares make the piece no longer fit? 

The echo of desire, the need for a voice. Sending out the messages in the  energy line from me to you. The moment you inter my head and I yours. As though we stand under the dark sky and look up at the full moon in unison.  I know your out there and I know you feel as though I am standing right next to you. It’s because I am. Our energy is like two magnets attracting one another. Gravitating  and pulling us closer, yet we fight it for our own sanity.  How do you function properly when your pulled so strongly?


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