Random blathering 

Sitcom shows portraying life from the perspective of life with friends or life with coworkers. Both seprate not usually intermingled.  Is real life  similar,  as your life revolves around just home life or work life?  Seems I rarely interact with family or friends and life seems to be surrounded by what is going on at work. If I was in a relationship would this be the case?

Insecurities and codependency seems to coexist. 

Do I exclude myself or do I get excluded? Maybe removing myself to make it easier for those I perceive as disliking me.

I have no one I feel I can talk to. Is that my fault or is it I don’t want the feed back I know I will get? Or will my need to talk about certain things shatter someones perception of me? What is stopping me?

Why do I feel so fragile right now? 

I feel so out of place. Like I have no place I truly fit in. No people I feel connected to completely only fragments. I feel like an alien trying to fit in. Who am I?

Why when people are whispering do I automatically think it is about me?

Why when something is missing do I automatically think someone stole it?

Why when someone gives me constructive criticism do I feel as though a wrecking ball just destroyed any confidence I may have had?

Why do I have to be so intune with vibes and atmosphere and always interpret them as personal?

Am I normal? Can I really be fixed? Do other people struggle like I do?


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