Minds focus 

What is it you choose to think about? What consumes you thoughts everyday? Your main focuse or set demeanor. Do you see a pattern? 

If we are mindful of what we’re constantly contemplating we may be more aware of what we are creating. 

We could either be ruining or making our day, our hour or our min. And in the larger picture we may even come to realize by our thoughts we creat our weeks and our years. Are we enjoying the journey? 

After all goals are where we want to go but are we not enjoying ourselves on the way? Can we honor each day with gratitude for the smaller things in our life?

Sometimes I struggle with allowing my mind to focus on small things that upset me and forget that that is exactly what they are. The little things really won’t matter later. 

Moments mater, people matter and feelings matter. I want my kids to know i care about them. My family to know they are thought of often. I want time with them that is memorable not I significant. 


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