Lost in perspectives 

I think we all draw conclusions about people.  Gather facts and piece them together in our minds to make a story that makes since. But sometimes we don’t have all the pieces. Sometimes the story only makes since because you’re only seeing it through your own perspective. 

For example the coworker who is jaded with out a father and a mother who favored their sibling. 

The store clerk who must have a happy life because she smiles and is nice all the time.

But what if all our conclusions are wrong. What if we put a nice spin on things just to make ourselves feel better?

What if we just asked? What if we actually cared enough to listen?  What would we learn and how close could we get to the people we spend so much time with?

Maybe we wouldn’t feel so alone if cared enough to ask. Cared enough to listen. Or maybe shared a little more. We are all so scared of being hurt or investing time in people who won’t be around tomorrow. 
I know I have no room to talk on the subject of getting over fears. I want to move forward and get to know people. Get to know a lover. I want a clean slate. 
I think and I am probably drawing my own conclusions in my own perspective but Someone may not be opening up because they are looking forward….way down the road.  Laying in wait for me to grow, gain experience and move past a desire. Maybe I am wrong or maybe it makes my moving forward ok in my mind. But I have done all I can to get them to tell me Not to. I am done fighting a battle I drove myself mad fighting in the past. Honestly I’ve forgotten why. All I have are the deep feelings and tighs I have tugging at my heart all while my mind wants to send me running. Oh how I hat the split arguing.  Again within the battle.


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