If we perceived time like god does…

The beginning, the middle and the end. All knowing, the purpose, the need and the desire all answered. You just know.

While you wrap your minds around that let me ask you a few questions to get the juices flowing. 

If you knew that your true love story didn’t have that Sweet Happily  Ever After; would you still chose to experience it? Or would you avoid it because you knew the pain you’d have to suffer?

If you knew a loved one wouldn’t be there tomorrow, would you treat them the way you did today? 

God Is Love. God knows the beginning, the middle and the end. If we love, truly love it hurts us, to hurt them. Yet sometimes we have to in order to allow for growth. 

If we are so focused on our goals we don’t see our present, we won’t be enjoying the future of our past goals that we were reaching for.  

What if we knew the whole story. Just think back to a life story of your own. One that you can clearly see a beginning,  middle and end.

Let’s say school. We may have a blury beginning but that will do. Then we all have a middle and hopefully you have and end that includes a graduation but even so, you have an end. 

Now lots of things happen in school. Real friends, love interest, education and more. We find our grove and experience a varied set of emotions while learning many things about life. If during this time period you knew everything that would happen, all the out comes. Would you make the same choices? Hangout with the same people? Choose to copy others instead of trying to do it yourself? 

What would you do with that kind of knowledge?  Would you be You?


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