Balanced attraction

People always say you need to have great communication to have a long lasting healthy relationship. The kind where you fully disclose your feelings and work through disagreements.  

People always say you have to take your time and get to know eachother before jumping into a relationship. Go on a few dates and spend some time with a potential partner getting to know eachothers demeanor in different situations.  Learning eachother beliefs of core values is important in order to make a decision on whether to continue looking at eachother as potential partners. 

So I guess my point in all this is that I’ve spent well over a year looking and ruling out every potential girlfriend after finding any red flags.  Then when i couldn’t i would move on to nit pick them for apperances. Obviously not ready for any relationship. And finding that out at each potential partners emotional expense.  With each new date possibility I would do less physical validating in order to spare any possible hurt feelings. Which lead to me being celibate for over a year. 

Until I gave into a one night stand with a lovely lady who also just needed the touch of another. I also had relations with an ex who helped me find closer and a boy who is incapable of pleasing me. After these encounters I was more than sure I wasn’t interested in pursuing another man at this point in my life.

So I know have a P.G. (potential girlfriend) as she have lovely titled herself.  We joked about what we would call it if we do choose to get serious…F.W. (future wife) she offers, F.G. (forever girlfriend) as I don’t plan on getting married again was my suggestion. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed her presents. The vibes we have when together  are comfortable and pleasant for me. I enjoy our conversation and love her cute faces she makes. 

I am hopeful anyone who knows me knows I get super excited and then run unexpectedly. I don’t want to so I am mindful taking it slow and getting to know her. 


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