I am in somewhat of a euphoria.  Feeling like everything is working out. Of course I did just eat sushi. Haha

I spent my weekend with my mom and youngest kiddo. We enjoyed the Saturday market,  rock climbing and a movie. My son was amazing all day. He really is a good kid. 

Few weeks later…

Spent the day with my kiddo and my god daughter tracking down anf purchasing equipment for my kiddo to rock climb all summer. I am pretty excited about the summer schedule I laid out for him. I think it will really be fun and great for him to learn a lot at the same time.  He will be reading and doing chores as well as earning money this summer. My biggest concern is for him to learn to listen and follow direction.  I think he will do just fine. He is foing into 5 grade next fall. He is growing so fast.

My oldest is single again.  They were engaged but apparently she cheated on him. That really sucks for him. I do think they were to young to get married though. He seems happy and is exploring different things finding himself I am sure.

My coworker has been staying with me and will be gone after the first. As much as I’ve loved the company i am ready to have my place back to normal and clean again. Haha

I am still looking for a lady but am not nit picky as much now. Just cautious. 


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