Everything is Bland.

I get up and shower…scrolling through my notifications. Nothing is exciting. I put my phone down and wet my hair. Stretch and let the hot water hit my back. Rub one out without even really getting into it. I am a bit numb.

I pack a lunch and complain about the shit food that is filling my cupboards. I prefer healther options but my mum and uncle stay with me and they are uneducated in how the processed foods are laced with chemicals.  

I tell my kiddo to shower and get dressed and he says he wants to stay home. I twll him he will but has a surprise and need to be dressed.  He has an old friend he hasn’t seen in a couple years coming to stay over. He will be delighted to see him I am sure. I hug him and my mum and leave for work.

I have forensic files playing on the radio on my way to work. I’ve heard this episode. Some bat shit crazy bitch burns her kids alive just to keep her soon to be ex husband from getting custody. She actually told her kid to stay inside tell the firemen got there. Fucking cold hearted cunt. 

I get to work and start working on my tattoo designs for mondays appointments. Everyone seems to be in a good mood. It seems to be a rhythm. Life that is. Just a math madical equation deciding our destiny. Everything is so bland. Nothing of significance or excitement.  

I have a girlfriend I hardly get to see let alone rarely hear from. A job that I feel I am not growing in. And kiddos that have no respect for others.  My mum and uncle staying with me and seem to need my therapy experience to help them get through their rut. Maybe I am beginning to give to much and getting back not quit enough. 


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