Emotions can be physically painful.

The journey through life has numerous ups and downs and we navigate through it. Learning how to deal with our choices and others and how they affect us internally. As we grow up nature verses nurture plays a part in our perception and our learned ways of enter action with the world around us.

Unfortunately not all of us have well adapted, emotionally stable adults teaching us. And I believe that is the down fall of a lot of communities. Because if the teachers are broken and unable to show us how, then our methods will probably be wrong as well. And we will be teaching the next generation and they will also be broken. And as with the game of telephone the message is only gonna get scrambled more and more as it is passed on.

So when we reach that pivotal moment in life where we experience a crisis and don’t have the tools to navigate through those extra strong emotions, what do we do? When most don’t have insurance to go to a mental health class to teach you how to survive. When a lot self medicate and end up homless and to drugged to feel the emotions their running from.

What do we do when the people around us just don’t understand why you are hurting so bad over what they might think is miniscule. We might end up on the floor, crying for hours. Ignoring the phone and anyone who needs anything from you…because you have nothing to give. We might not eat because nothing is easy enough to make or you just don’t have energy enough to feed yourself. We might stop showering because not even the warmth of a shower can awaken your soul. Maybe we don’t even have energy enough to climb out of bed. Emotions can paralyzed you. But others can’t quit understand that kind of experience if they haven’t been through it. That’s why we get the cliche sayings “Just get over it.” And other bullshit ones we’ve all heard.

But until you’ve laid on your floor crying until you just about vomit or fall asleep from exhaustion. Until you physically hurt all over from the pain you feel deep inside you. You’ll never know the true depression that plagues us. The knots in your stomach. The strain in your muscles. The headaches. And let’s not forget the actual physical feeling of emptiness in your soul.

I remember it. I wouldn’t allow myself to forget because fortunately I had insurance and I went to those classes. I have the tools to see the red flags that lead to that road of depression. I am pro active now because I don’t want to feel that physical pain again.

So I guess my point is …well emotions are a physical experience just as much as a rollor coaster is. Ups and downs have a physical sensations too. And if you don’t have the first aid training to deal with it right away it can become just as life threatening as anything else. I wish people cared as much about this crisis the human race is experiencing as they did about other topics. I wish people as a whole could help change the destiny that seems to be inevitable for all of us. Every generation seems to be more broken than the last. The negative conversations about each new generation and not enough conversation about why they are this way and how to fix this before it’s to late.

We seem to be growing in some area’s and degenerating others.


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