Check your vibe.

BPD is a bitch. Seriously I can be in great mood. Almost floating ya know? And a simple thing can really through me for a spin. I keep thinking about all the most recent things that have thrown me off balance and after in the calm of destruction a light will turn on.

The question is how do I prevent the spin; or at least the destruction. I say I am working on all this in therapy but what is going to change me? How will I intervene before I switch. Before I am raving mad? I get so angry even when I am in the wrong. I ruin all my friendships. How do I fix this?

I genuinely love and care for all the people around me. I can see their story and what they are experiencing in life for the most part. We are all struggling ya know? Yet when something ticks me off, it’s like My empathy or understanding shuts down. I loose focus or the big picture and zero in on a “pair of socks being in the wrong drawer” and a switch comes over me and I am angry and will be angry all day. How do I flip the switch back?


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