Who celebrates with me?

I’ve worked hard. I deserve this, don’t I? No celebration are happening. I am not out with friends toasting. No dinners to congratulate me on an accomplishment. All eyes are definitely not on me.

My family hasn’t ever been the “family dinner” type. Not even on Thanksgiving did we really ever sit down at one table and just talk to each other. Maybe a handful of times under unusually circumstances.

When you realize you’re in a life of solitude surround by others who are doing the same. …well in a concession state of our own perception. I am numb to this now. Whatever. I know I am rocking the shit out of mine.

I got my shit together and I am supporting my family. I got my emotional rollercoaster of a brain down to a kiddie size one. I may not yet have to partner I dream of but I got my life in check.


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